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300+ customer channels

I highly, highly recommend Pylon.  Pylon has quickly become one of the essential tools in our support toolkit that I would not go without.  It has made Slack support as easy as email support. 🤯  Something previously reserved for just a handful of a company’s largest customers due to bandwidth limitations can now easily scale to more customers.

Teresa nesteby
Head of Success Engineering at
3 days to 3 minutes
“ previously took us 3 days to send a message to our 500+ slack channels. now it takes 3 minutes”
Erika Anderson
Chief Customer Officer at
Comms & support
“We rely on Pylon for nearly 100% of customer comms and support. It’s become the essential tool for our customer success teams.”
Curtis shelton
Global Head of Customer Support at
Visibility for all
“Shared Slack channels are no longer a black box. Our engineering team now has visibility into customer issues and can collaborate on them internally with support. Support gets to see the issues and internal discussion straight from Intercom. Everybody is happy!”
Lukas Köbis
CTO at
Topline and Bottomline
“Love what you guys are doing. It was impossible to scale our enterprise tier support beyond a handful of customers before Pylon. It's directly unlocked revenue while improving customer experience and saving our team time.”
Pritak Patel
Head of Post-Sales at
100s of hours
“I was told what we wanted was infeasible by other vendors and we were asking for the moon. Pylon came in, they had the right functionality, and it's saved us 100s of hours in operational time and improved reliability doing so.”
Charles Folsom
Head of Customer Success at
Data Unlock
“All that data was locked up in Slack ... there was no way for me to run a report on it. Right now our visibility is zero. Automatically logging engagement from Slack to Salesforce is HUGE win. We have a living pulse for what's going on with customers now.
Nav singh
Head of Revenue Operations at
Everything you need to meet your customers in slack
Triage Channel
Handle requests from your accounts in a single feed -assign them to teammates and make sure they got answered
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AI Conversation Bundling
Intelligently bundle chat messages into conversations and automatically update their status based on responses using AI
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Send out personalized product updates and outage alerts with one click
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Support Sync
Detect and route questions to your support system and let your agent take over the conversation from your existing support system with bidirectional sync
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CRM Sync
Automatically summarize and capture customer chat conversations in your CRM to understand rep performance, feed into customer health, and give leadership visibility
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Track resolution and first response times for customer conversations, measure performance of CSMs, and identify customers who haven't been engaged recently
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Kanban Board
Manage long-running CSM tasks with your Kanban Board of customer requests and escalations, all tied back to support and product tickets
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Automagically open tickets, provision channels, send welcome messages, bookmark helpful links for your customers and more
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Increased Retention
Faster deal cycles
Saved / agent / day

Keep using your existing tools

Seamlessly connect your systems together. Sync customer issues as tickets to your support system, conversations as activities to your CRM, product feedback to your product tools, and more.

Data Security is our priority

Our data management philosophy places utmost importance on security and compliance. Pylon is SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 certified and employs a comprehensive set of features, capabilities, and processes to safeguard customer PII data.

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