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Alex Wu, Founding Engineer

Welcome to Pylon Alex!

Alex Wu

✨ Founding Engineer ✨

We're very excited for Alex Wu to be joining Pylon as a founding engineer after nearly 4.5 years at Samsara. At Samsara, Alex built a lot of the core product features across routing and compliance and later spearheaded the frontend infrastructure team.

Alex will be bringing his deep frontend expertise and care for his craft to help ship more great features and set engineering best practices at Pylon.

Why did you join Pylon?

The team is amazing, the vision is compelling, and it's going to be a very fun working environment. Going to an early stage company, the most important thing for me was team and ownership. I worked with Advith for 4 years at Samsara and I know he's a great engineer and really passionate about his work. I'm excited to join that energy and own a lot of the core product work. I've already started recruiting more folks to join Pylon in my first week 🚀

I heard you love coffee, what's the latest and greatest in the coffee world?

I haven't been too up to date with the latest coffee trends, but I've been wanting to try Cometeer ever since I saw it a couple years ago. New ways to make good coffee more accessible are always great to see.

Alex's Day 1

Photography is also a hobby of yours, show us some of your pictures!

Photography is a hobby I picked up a while back to go along with my travels—I've really enjoyed looking back on the memories and sharing these with friends. I mainly do film photography with my Minolta X-570 to complement my phone pictures, and I love the slower, more deliberate process forced with film photography. Playing around with different films has also been super fun!

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