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Product Launch: Email Support

Consolidate customer conversations from email

Great businesses meet their customers where they work to provide a great experience across the customer journey. For many modern companies, that's primarily in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other chat platforms. Still, a subset of your customers may feel most comfortable reaching out to you over email. How do you make sure you're accessible to them while not spreading your team too thin, monitoring several email inboxes and shared Slack channels, and cataloging all these conversations.

Today Pylon is announcing our Email product to continue to consolidate all the places you have customer conversations. Easily connect your support email alias and have email conversations with customers flow into Pylon.

Triage issues across email, shared Slack and Teams channels, and in-app chat in a single place with a single tool.

- Assign them to teammates

- Set SLAs based on customer tier

- Automatically categorize issues using AI

- Link them with open engineering tickets

- See analytics like response and resolution time and drill down by issue source

Build a single post-sales process for your team and use Pylon to help orchestrate without having to worry about where the conversations are coming from. Scalably handle customer requests - no matter where they come from.

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Modern tools call for modern experiences. If you talk to your customers in Slack and want an all-in-one post sales system to manage customer support and success across Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App Chat, and Email book a demo of Pylon here:

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